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You can improve the aesthetics of your smile with porcelain veneers at Elite Dental Care. We can create a model wax-up so that patients can view how their veneers will look when complete. Patient Steven Kyle shares his story about how the veneers he received from us have made a positive impact on his life.

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Dr. Harper: Anyone who wants to improve the aesthetics of their smile is a candidate for veneers. We examine the patient to see if veneers, or full-coverage crowns, are the best option for that patient. And depending on the results of the exam, you may choose to do veneers. Veneers are a type of porcelain or ceramic covering over the front of the teeth, which changes the color, the alignment, or the position of the teeth, with very little to no removal of tooth structure. If a patient is a candidate for veneers, we like to have a wax-up of the veneers done before that procedure is actually done. We take impressions and make models of your teeth, we send them to our cosmetic lab, and they do a wax rendition off the veneers as to what they're going to look like in tooth-colored wax. It comes back for the patient to look at, to get the patient's approval. And once the patient approves the way that the veneers look, then we actually schedule the appointment to do the work. Once a patient has decided that they want veneers and they are a candidate for veneers, and they have approved the cosmetic wax-up as to what the final results is going to look like, we schedule the first appointment for any preparation of the teeth, and impressions, photographs, impressions. These are sent to the lab and the veneers are actually constructed, and this will take anywhere from three to four weeks. Once the veneers are constructed, we receive the case back, the patient comes back in for the delivery appointment, which involves the actual bonding of the veneers to the facial surfaces of the teeth. Once your veneers are placed, you can immediately function normally, eat, drink. Once you leave this office, you can do anything you want to do. You are finished, and you look great. If you would like more information on veneers, you can call our office for more information. You can schedule a free consultation with one of the doctors, and they will discuss your individual wants and desires. And actually plan the case, discuss the specifics of the case with the patient, and actually schedule the work to be done once you have the consultation done. Steven: I had a full cap work done on my front teeth because I was grinding them away at night, so Dr. Harper recommended that I have them capped. And he done every one in the front. Well, I actually grew up with him, but I had seen Dr. Harper before when I was working in Jackson, Tennessee. Then I moved to Mobile, Alabama to work in the steel mill and I came back retired, and started coming back to seeing him again. The staff here is really great, really nice and courteous. And really, the staff does care about you. If I hadn't got the caps, I would've had to gone to dentures way earlier than what I wanted to because there's grinding my teeth away at night. And he went ahead and capped them, and he matched the bite up perfect. It was just a real good job. Here, they treat you like family, so they do a real good job of making you feel well. He done a great job, it was almost all pain free, so he done a really great job doing that. I would recommend Dr. Harper to anyone.

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