Partial Dentures


John Hosick shares his experience as a patient of Elite Dental Care. Extractions, dental fillings, and partial dentures have enabled him to chew and speak normally after years of suffering from the inconvenience of missing teeth. He has been so satisfied with the results of his treatment that he frequently recommends us to his friends and family.

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I've had extractions, fillings, cleanings, and I'm now a proud owner of a lower plate with locators that Dr. Clint did, and a fantastic job. I tell these girls, and the people here every time I come, that they run the most fantastic operation I've ever been in. I mean, they're all polite, they're all knowledgeable and I've never felt any pain here. I've been extremely satisfied with the results. I told my wife, I can finally chew in the back of my mouth. I haven't been able to chew, I haven't had any teeth back there for 25 years, probably. So it's been a blessing for me to have the work done that I've had done and I've been really, really pleased with it. My daughter was working for another dentist in Jackson. And the dentist that we had retired. And my wife asked my daughter if she could recommend somebody because she worked for a pediatric dentist. And this is what was recommended, Elite Dental. So we've been coming here. My son comes, my daughter-in-law, my wife. You know, we've got the whole family coming here now. With the girls, everybody that I've run into, I mean every one of them, Mr. John they call me, Mr. John. And I have a granddaughter and I'm always showing them pictures of the baby, so they get a big kick out of that. They're all, everyone that I've ever had any dealings with at all, very well-trained and concerned about you at all times, always. With teeth now, I can chew steak. I was chewing on one side of my mouth because I only had teeth on one . . . one over here that I could use. But now I've got them, a full set. Chewing salads, chewing steak. I've had absolutely no trouble with anything. Pretzels. Whatever I stick in my mouth I can chew, and without any pain, without discomfort. It's been fantastic. Wished I'd had it done years ago. I have recommended this to several people I know, especially people my age that are afraid. We're not actually a generation of dental people. And I recommend this place because they are so concerned about keeping you pain-free, always. Dr. Clint's always asking, "You okay? You okay?" That's the kind of thing that you don't see a lot of places. And I told older people, like my age, they're concerned about you. They want to make sure that you're comfortable with whatever you're having done. It's not anywhere like it was when we were growing up. Makes a big difference. The staff and the people that work here, the doctors, and all three of them have worked on me at one time or another, and I've never been happier with a dental practice ever in my life.

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I was really impressed! They were super nice, professional and very informative with each step of the process. They have a desire to go above and beyond. Christina

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