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Peaceful Sedated Patient

Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety can make the thought of visiting the dentist terrifying and prevent you from receiving the treatments you need.

Sedation dentistry allows you to relax so you can maintain the health of your smile in comfort and tranquility.

Curious to learn more about the sedation options we offer at all of our Elite Dental Care locations serving Greater Jackson?

Peaceful Sedated Patient

Improve Your Relationship with Dentistry through Sedation Dentistry Services

Many people suffer from dental anxiety because of past experiences with other dentists. At Elite Dental Care, headquartered in Jackson, we want to help you build positive feelings about going to the dentist. As a result of our gentle care, friendly interactions, and sedation options, many of the people we treat who were previously anxious actually look forward to their upcoming dental visits.

Do You Suffer from Dental Anxiety?

With dental anxiety, even the mention of the dentist can be enough to start experiencing symptoms. When it actually comes time for treatment, the effects can worsen.

Like many patients, you may have symptoms before your visit, such as:

  • An elevated heart rate
  • Sweating palms
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia the night before

In severe cases, your anxiety may have caused you to neglect your routine dental visits and postpone appointments indefinitely. We want you to be frank with us - if you are feeling uneasy about your appointment, let us know, and our Jackson-headquartered practice will do everything we can to help you feel relaxed.

We Offer Two Types of Sedation

Everyone that visits our offices in Jackson, Dyersburg, Eads, Germantown, and Trenton, TN, is different. To meet your unique needs, we are pleased to offer:

Sedation Mask

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is widely used to achieve a relaxed state during treatment. According to the American Dental Association, nitrous oxide is a safe and effective sedative agent that is inhaled through a mask placed over the nose. Unlike other sedatives, nitrous oxide does not induce sleep. Instead, it gives you a euphoric feeling that can help you relax. For this reason, it is often called "laughing gas." The effects of nitrous oxide wear off almost immediately after you take off your mask. 

Sedation Pills

Oral Conscious Sedation

Our highly trained doctors can also administer oral conscious sedation for those who need to achieve a deeper state of relaxation. Oral conscious medication is typically administered in the form of a pill. This type of sedative can help you achieve a state of near-sleep, or "twilight sleep." Most who choose oral conscious sedation have little to no memory of their visit, making it a very popular choice among those who suffer from dental anxiety as well as those who need to undergo extensive dentistry treatment.

Which One Is Right for Me?

Nitrous oxide induces lighter effects than oral sedation. During your consultation, we will review your medical history and have a discussion about your level of anxiety, comfort level in the dentist's chair, and other factors that may make one of these methods more suitable than the other.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

"​ I'm like a child at the dentist office, terrified... but he makes you feel very comfortable. The entire staff is super friendly and very catering to the needs of people that are terrified of the dentist like I am." Cynthia C.

Contact One of Our Offices & Learn More about Sedation

Even if you struggle with severe dental anxiety, sedation dentistry techniques can help you feel completely relaxed. Contact one of our Tennessee offices today to schedule the easiest and most relaxed dental procedure you have ever received. We have four convenient locations in Jackson, Dyersburg, Germantown, and Trenton, TN.

To visit the location nearest you, request an appointment online or call our Jackson office:

Sedation Dentistry Is Our Signature Service
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If you need dental treatment and are considering sedation, you need a provider that you can trust. The Elite Dental Care team has some of the most advanced training in Tennessee. We can ensure that your upcoming dental visit is safe, relaxing, and stress-free.

One of our dentists, Dr. Mark Harper, received extensive post-graduate training with the Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation and has successfully helped thousands experience the benefits of sedation dentistry. 

To schedule an appointment at one of our offices in Jackson, Dyersburg, Eads, Germantown, Trenton, TN, request a dental consultation online or give our Jackson office a call: 

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"There Was Virtually No Pain" 5-Star Reviews From Our Jackson, Dyersburg, Eads, 
Germantown, and Trenton, TN, Patients


Morris Coats


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I never dreamed visiting the dentist could be such a pleasant experience.  Everyone in that office is 100% professional, competent, and ALWAYS looking to make you comfortable and relaxed. They do dentistry right!

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Patti Cherry


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The staff at Elite Dental Care were very professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Harper has a wonderful bedside manner and there was virtually no pain involved during the procedure.  Enjoyed my overall experience and will definitely be using there services again.

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Sedation Dentistry Helps Anxious Patients Relax

Elite Dental Care offers two forms of sedation dentistry. Nervous patients can choose nitrous oxide or oral sedation. Both these types can help you relax during your treatment.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for You? Request a Consultation

Are you interested in exploring sedation dentistry as a way to make your next visit to the dentist more comfortable? Request a consultation with our dental team at your preferred location (Jackson, Dyersburg, Eads, Germantown, or Trenton) to discuss your options with one of our dentists.

All of our dentists are highly trained in administering and monitoring patients under oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. In fact, it's our signature service! Our team will make sure that sedation dentistry is a safe solution for you, and that it makes your experience with us calm and beneficial. To learn more about qualifying factors and how sedation dentistry can benefit you, request a consultation online or call our office:

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Our offices throughout Greater Jackson are ready to welcome you.

More 5-Star Reviews


Melissa Lukas


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Dr. Mike is a phenomenal dentist! He takes the time to listen and addresses dental concerns in a calm professional manner. The newly remodeled office area looks great!

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Latonjo Booker


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Great staff great doctor this is a place I would want all of my family to go friendly from the beginning to the end thanks for everything you all have done for me and my child .

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We have offices in Jackson, Dyersburg, Eads, Germantown, and Trenton, TN, to serve you.

What to Expect When You Choose Sedation Dentistry


If you are receiving oral conscious sedation, you will receive instructions prior to your appointment. In some cases, you may need to take medication the night before your procedure. Because the oral medication can take a few hours to wear off, you will need a trusted friend or family member to drive you home from your procedure. If you only receive nitrous oxide, the effects subside quickly and you can drive yourself home.


When you undergo treatment, your dentist will prescribe powerful yet safe anti-anxiety medications to induce twilight sleep. You will be able to respond to questions and commands, but you will most likely have little or no memory of the procedure. If you only need minor dental work, we may administer nitrous oxide on its own. 


Once the nitrous oxide or oral medication has worn off, you will be allowed to return home. You might feel sleepy or groggy after your procedure, so we recommend that you relax and avoid strenuous activities for the rest of the day. Our team will provide a detailed list of post-operative instructions to ensure a safe, healthy recovery.

Contact One of Our Offices  & Learn More about Sedation

Even if you struggle with severe dental anxiety, sedation dentistry techniques can help you feel completely relaxed. Contact one of our Tennessee offices today to schedule the easiest and most relaxed dental visit of your life. We have five convenient locations in Jackson, Dyersburg, Germantown, Eads, and Trenton, TN.

To visit the location nearest you, request an appointment online or call our Jackson office:

Dr. Mike Farrar
We have five locations serving Greater Jackson.

"I Had the Fear of Coming to the Dentist..."

David explains that oral conscious sedation helped him overcome his anxiety and experience the life-changing benefits of dental implants.

Rated 5 Stars

"The clinic is up to date with new technology, the staffs are top professional. They are so sweet and kind and would treat you with care and kindnesses like you the only customer or you are their best friend. Now I can smile again, and my self esteem is going over the roof so thank you Elite Dental Care." Than K.
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Elite Dental Care

Each doctor at Elite Dental Care is specially trained in: 

  • Oral conscious sedation
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry

To experience the outstanding level of care we provide to each and every one of our patients, book a consultation today. We invite you to request an appointment online or call one of our five area offices in Jackson, Dyersburg, Germantown, Eads, Trenton, or Ripley, TN.

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"I was really impressed! They were super nice, professional and very informative with each step of the process. They have a desire to go above and beyond." Christina

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