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Root Canals in Dyersburg

Infected pulp in the root canal can cause pain. Left untreated, the infection can spread and become a serious risk to your health. 

Root canal treatment from Elite Dental Care in Dyersburg, TN, has minimal pain and can save your natural tooth.

If you suspect there is an infection in your root canal, contact our dental office today.

Nearly Painless Treatment For a Painful Condition 

A root canal infection forms when plaque builds up and destroys enamel, allowing bacteria to enter the tooth's pulp. Bacterial infection can lead to the formation of an abscess, which swells and causes pain.

Thanks to advanced dentistry techniques and technology, our dentists can gently administer root canal treatment, removing pulp that's infected and saving your natural tooth. 

Some patients believe root canal therapy is a painful procedure. In reality, a root canal treatment involves little pain, and feels similar to getting a filling for a cavity. Our Dyersburg office offers sedation dentistry to help patients anxious about root canal therapy relax during their procedure. 

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Are You In Pain? Contact Our Dyersburg, TN, Dental Office Today

Cavities and tooth decay can cause serious issues for your oral health. If you wait too long, an infected root canal may be too compromised to treat, leaving extraction as the only option. 

Our Dyersburg, TN, dentists work in a family-friendly and high-tech dentistry office that is equipped to remove infections from teeth with minimal pain to the patient. 

If you suspect that you have an infected root canal, request a consultation online or call:

(713) 855-1053

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Very professional , the sweetest people work there . I’ve been going for a year now and never have I been to dentist like this one never felt any pain ! I recommend Elite Dental care ❤️

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I love the staff at this dental office! They get you in and out quickly. Mrs. Candy is always so sweet and helpful when I have questions. Mrs. Laura always does an excellent job cleaning my teeth.

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You Might Need a Root Canal If You Have These Symptoms

Most patients notice signs that indicate the pulp in their tooth is infected. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact our Dyersburg, TN, dental office today. The earlier our dentists can identify infected tooth pulp, the faster we can act to preserve your natural tooth. 

  • Toothache when eating or applying pressure to your tooth
  • Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold food or temperatures
  • A small, pimple-like bump on the gums
  • A darkened tooth
  • Tenderness or swelling in the gums
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • A sudden and persistent bad taste in your mouth

While pain is often the first sign of an infection, it's important to note that you can have an infected root canal without feeling any pain. Sometimes, the pain inside the tooth will go away. This typically means the nerves inside the tooth are dead. 

If your dental pain disappeared, you still need treatment. Left untreated, the bacteria in your tooth pulp can spread through the tooth roots into the gums, the jaw, and into your bloodstream. The dentists at our Dyersburg, TN, dentistry office can examine your tooth and determine if the infected pulp can be removed.   

Root Canal Benefits

Pain Relief

Infected pulp tissue in the tooth causes toothaches and pain, especially when chewing or speaking. Root canal therapy removes the cause of the pain. 

Avoid Extraction

If an infected tooth can't be treated, it will need to be extracted. No matter how good restorations are, preserving a natural tooth is always best. Timely root canal therapy allows you to keep your natural tooth. 

Protect Your Health

An untreated infected tooth can cause other health issues like bone deterioration in your jaw and an abscess. Root canal treatment prevents these health problems. 

Fast Procedure 

A root canal procedure generally takes about an hour and can be completed in one visit. Oftentimes, follow-up visits are not necessary. 

A Closer Look  At How Pulp in Root Canals Becomes Infected 

Diagram of root canal infection

Do I Need an Endodontist  For My Root Canal?

An endodontist is a dentist who has specialized dental knowledge in the field of endodontics, which focuses on tooth pulp and root canals. While receiving treatment from an endodontist can be beneficial for some complex procedures, it is not necessary for root canal treatment. 

The dentists at Elite Dental Care in Dyersburg, TN, can perform gentle root canal treatment, removing the infected pulp and preserving your tooth. We may recommend getting a dental crown for the treated tooth to strengthen it. 

Root Canal Treatment The Step-by-Step Process at Our Dyersburg, TN, Dental Office

Root canal treatment may seem painful or scary, but it's on par with getting a filling for a cavity.
Root canal treatment may seem painful or scary, but it's on par with getting a filling for a cavity.


One of our dentists will review your symptoms and take X-rays of your teeth. If X-rays and imaging technology find signs of an infection, our dentist will determine if root canal therapy is right for you. If the tooth is too compromised, we may recommend an extraction

Administering Anesthetic

Applying a local anesthetic to the treatment site will numb the area and greatly reduce any pain related to work on the root canal. Patients who are anxious about treatment or who have difficulty sitting still may choose sedation to help be more comfortable. 

Entering the Pulp Chamber

A small opening is created in the crown of the tooth, allowing our dentist to access the diseased pulp. 

Removing the Diseased Pulp

The infected pulp is carefully removed from the pulp chamber. The nerves and blood vessels in the pulp chamber will be completely removed. 

Draining the Abscess

If the patient has a dental abscess, our dentist will puncture and drain it during the root canal. 

Sterilizing and Filling the Root Canal

After the infected pulp is removed and the dental abscess is drained, the dentist sterilizes the pulp chamber to remove all traces of harmful bacteria. The root canal is then filled with a material that restores your ability to bite and chew, and also prevents future infections. 

Dental Crown Placement

At the end of your root canal treatment, a temporary filling or dental crown may be placed on the tooth to restore your ability to speak, chew, and bite. Your temporary filling or crown will be replaced with a permanent restoration at a later appointment. 

Paying for a Root Canal Making Treatment Affordable 

Elite Dental Care in Dyersburg, TN, works with patients to make effective treatments like root canals as affordable as possible. 

In addition to accepting insurance, our office offers financing through CareCredit®. Rather than paying for treatment all at once, patients can pay through manageable monthly installments. 

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I was very pleased with the friendliness of all staff . Angie was able to discuss my financial options with me and it made me feel at ease.

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First time being here since they bought the practice. Everyone was great and super nice. They were able to schedule our appointment quickly.

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