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Man needing root canal treatment

Root Canal

Something as simple as a cavity, tooth sensitivity, or oral swelling can be a sign you need root canal treatment

Waiting to fix your root canal problem can turn a toothache into a major headache for your health, happiness, and wallet. 

Elite Dental Care performs root canals to restore your oral health at our offices in Jackson, Germantown, Dyersburg, Trenton, and Eads, TN. 

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a very common restorative dental procedure. A root canal is performed to preserve a natural tooth when its pulp has sustained severe infection, inflammation, or harm.

A tooth is not entirely solid. Each tooth is actually made up of layers, and the center consists of nerves, soft tissue, and blood vessels, known as the pulp. When the pulp has sustained severe infection, inflammation, or damage a root canal is performed to remove the pulp. The procedure consists of simple anesthesia, cleaning, shaping, and later the placement of a crown or other restoration. When necessary, opting for a root canal is highly recommended in comparison to removing the tooth altogether. 

Reasons You May Need a Root Canal

Your dentist may determine root canal treatment for a number of reasons. These include: 

Deep Decay

Deep Decay

Decay is caused when bacteria create acids that harm your enamel. Untreated bacteria and acid lead to cavities which can cause holes in your tooth, as well as infection, pain, and eventually even total tooth loss.

Man with severe toothache

Too Many Procedures

Sustained dental procedures performed on the same tooth can weaken it. They may cause stress to the tooth, as well as inflammation. 

Chipped tooth

Chips or Cracks

The desire to conceal chips and cracks can make you want to rush to the dentist. In fact, these can often indicate more than just cosmetic concerns. The visible damage to your tooth can also be a sign of harm to the inner layers. 

Woman with severe toothache

Hidden Inflammation

The inner layers of a tooth can be injured without visible damage on the outside. Physical trauma to the tooth from getting hit in a variety of ways can damage the pulp, even if there are no obvious signs of injury like chips or cracks. 

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Our patients trust us for all their dental needs, from Dyersburg, Trenton, and Jackson down to Germantown and Eads, TN.

Jan Hammonds


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I had a horrible tooth ache , they worked me in quickly. everything was very well explained. Everyone was very friendly and professional. So glad I found this place ❤️❤️❤️

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Connie Bates


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I went to make an appointment for a broken tooth. They worked me in immediately! Everyone was very accommodating and made sure I was comfortable - as one can be in a dentist chair. Thanks!!

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Fix The Problem Now and You Will Be Smiling Later

Root canals are a safe and extremely common dental treatment. The biggest risk when it comes to root canals is not having one done when you need it. A root canal infection will not just go away on its own. Left untreated, the infection can spread throughout the mouth and into the cheeks, face, and possibly the bloodstream. 

If you have any of the signs and symptoms that say you need a root canal, contact us today. Call or write to us to request a consultation at any of our five locations in Western Tennessee.

Dyersburg: (731) 286-1583

Germantown: (901) 751-3776

Jackson: (731) 664-9556

Trenton: (731) 855-1053

Eads: (901) 465-2382

Patient talking to office staff

Root Canal Treatment Timeline

Root canal treatment at our offices in Germantown, Jackson, and across West Tennessee takes care of your dental needs with the following simple steps.

We offer sedation options to help patients relax while in the dental chair. 
We offer sedation options to help patients relax while in the dental chair. 


Our root canals do not cause the dental pain that many associate with this procedure. Every step is performed by our dentists with the utmost care and top-notch technology. This begins with our 3D cone beam X-ray machine which allows us to precisely determine the location and extent of your tooth damage. 


Your dentist will administer a small amount of local anesthesia for a virtually painless treatment process. If you also desire sedation to help stay calm and relaxed during your root canal, we have the skill and experience to keep you serene and stress-free. 

Removing Pulp

Your dentist will open up your tooth and remove any decay, followed by removing the problematic pulp. Then, they will thoroughly clean the root canal treatment area. By flushing, cleaning, and drying the tooth a level of oral health can be achieved that was not possible before the root canal. 

Filling the Root Canal

The opening that was created to remove the pulp will then be sealed. You may also receive a temporary filling. Some patients will receive a temporary crown, which will later be replaced with a custom-crafted permanent crown. These finishing touches prevent saliva and debris from damaging the area that was just restored. All that is left to do is follow your dentist's aftercare instructions and enjoy your restored tooth. 

Root Canal vs. Tooth Removal

It is true that root canals can be more costly than simply removing a tooth via tooth extraction. However, endodontists highly recommend root canals over removing a tooth whenever possible. Endodontists are dentists who specialize in tooth pulp, tissue, and roots. Here are two major reasons endodontists advise root canals instead of extraction: 
Dental patient

Nothing Beats Natural

Dental work has come a long way, and we can offer treatments like restorations supported by implants to replace missing teeth. However, if possible it is almost always ideal to maintain a natural tooth instead of swapping it out. No matter how great an implant is, the feel, look, form, and function of a natural tooth is hard to beat. 

Smiling man with missing tooth

Missing Teeth Make More Problems

Missing teeth can lead to both cosmetic and health issues. They can cause other teeth in your mouth to shift, negatively affecting your ability to chew, as well as your smile. If you do have a missing tooth replaced with an artificial one, this will require follow-up dental care appointments that can become more costly over time than root canal therapy would have been. 

Our Treatments Are Transformative

Patients in Jackson and across West Tennessee come into our practice with dental doubts and leave with proud smiles. 

Myriah Corber


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I have always avoided the dentist because of bad a as a teenager. Accept for an emergency I wouldn't go see any dentist. But this lady visit to a new dentist was a great experience. I was comfortable. Not afraid. The staff was terrific. The doctor amazing, pleasent and very concerned with how everything was affecting me comfort wise. I felt total trust in her. I will continue to go to this dentist. Elite Dental is definitely a keeper! Thank you so much for restoring my faith and trust in dental health. Sincerely, Myra Corber

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Brandon Stephenson


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I hadn't been to see a dentist in a long time out of fear. I went to see the folks at Elite Dental in Jackson,Tn. My teeth were in such bad shape, that I hadn't really smiled in years. I rarely spoke to people I didn't know, and would barely speak at an audible level to keep from opening my mouth too wide so people could see. The entire Staff were so very understanding and comforting, not once did I ever feel judged or looked down upon. Everyone was extremely professional and did their utmost to make sure I was comfortable and relaxed during all my visits. I can say that the impact these Drs. and Staff members have made in my life, not just physically but as well as mentally is Huge! I Smile every chance I get, sometimes at myself in the mirror I'm passing! I make it a point to talk to strangers now, and never miss a chance to laugh out loud! 

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