Restore Your Oral Health and Dental Function

A full mouth reconstruction is a highly personalized treatment plan designed to restore complete dental function and oral health. To address all areas of decay, damage, or tooth loss, we can combine any number of restorative procedures. As no two patients are the same, each full mouth reconstruction will be unique. We can tailor your treatment to your particular goals, needs, and lifestyle. At Elite Dental Care, with offices in Germantown, Trenton, and Jackson, TN, we offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to ensure your comfort throughout your full mouth reconstruction.

Testimonial: John Hosick Customized Treatment Repaired His Smile

John Hosick shares his experience as a patient of Elite Dental Care. Extractions, dental fillings, and partial dentures have enabled him to chew and speak normally after years of suffering from the inconvenience of missing teeth. He has been so satisfied with the results of his treatment that he frequently recommends us to his friends and family. 

Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Right for You?

During an initial consultation, one of our doctors can perform a full oral assessment to determine your eligibility. We may take 3-D computed tomography (CT) scans or other advanced images, which provide us with detailed pictures of your teeth, gums, and jawbone.

Patients who are suffering from multiple oral health issues are typically excellent candidates for a full mouth reconstruction. This includes patients who:

  • Are missing teeth
  • Suffer from periodontal disease
  • Have tooth decay
  • Experience bite issues
  • Have temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder

Using your scans, we can recommend the best procedures for your oral health concerns and precisely plan your treatment.

illustration of oral health concerns
To address dental decay, we can place a filling or a dental crown. We can also replace missing teeth with a dental implant and restoration.

Common Restorative Procedures

Restorative treatments are designed to replace or repair teeth, so patients can once again speak clearly, eat comfortably, and smile with confidence. Procedures commonly incorporated into a full mouth reconstruction include:

Dental Implants
Considered by most dental professionals to be the best solution to tooth loss, dental implants provide unparalleled support for a variety of restorations. As they replace lost tooth roots, implants also preserve your natural jawbone structure and prevent bone degeneration. We offer traditional implants, mini implants, and immediate load implants. We can also perform the All-on-4® method.
Dental Bridges
Our doctors can place two types of bridges: traditional or implant-supported. Dental bridges are designed to replace one or more missing teeth in a row. Supported by either natural teeth or dental implants, bridges are comprised of two dental crowns on either side of artificial teeth (pontics).
Used for restoring a broken or decayed tooth, a dental crown – sometimes called a cap –  strengthens and reinforces your natural tooth structure. If your tooth is damaged beyond repair, we can also perform tooth extraction and replace your tooth with a high-quality implant-supported crown. Our crowns are crafted out of durable zirconia, as well as natural-looking IPS e.max® or porcelain.
If you have a cavity, a dental filling can protect the integrity of your tooth. We can place tooth-colored resin material in newly formed cavities and replace worn amalgam fillings.
Our doctors provide both traditional dentures and implant-supported dentures. While implant-supported dentures are widely considered to be the optimal solution, traditional dentures are a more affordable and faster alternative.

Real Patient Results Smile Transformation with Dental Crowns 

before dental crowns
Before This patient's front teeth were severely damaged.
after dental crowns
After Custom dental crowns transformed his smile.
After treating decay, dental crowns can be placed over the remaining tooth structure to restore strength and aesthetics.

Integrating Cosmetic Treatments

While the main objective of full mouth rehabilitation is restorative, we can also incorporate cosmetic dentistry services to enhance the appearance of your new smile. We can:

At Elite Dental Care, we offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to ensure your comfort throughout your full mouth reconstruction.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction provides numerous advantages to patients requiring a significant amount of restorative work, including:

  • Affordability and Efficiency: Because all procedures are part of the same treatment plan, a full mouth reconstruction is both convenient and budget-friendly. We can often combine multiple procedures into a single appointment, saving you both time and money. 
  • Improved Oral Health: Restorative treatments can eliminate tooth decay and help you manage the symptoms of gum disease. Once your full mouth reconstruction is complete, you can enjoy optimal oral health.
  • Enhanced Oral Function: Comprehensive treatment can help you chew, eat, and speak with ease, so you can engage in life more freely.

Our team is proud to pair the highest quality services with a compassionate, friendly approach. We incorporate the latest materials and techniques into treatment as well as advanced technology for optimal results.

A Positive Experience

All the Staff was great and friendly. I really like the communication about my dental plan. Spacious rooms comfortable seating I will definitely recommend the dental office. April R.

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We understand the importance of dental health to your overall quality of life. If you are interested in learning more about full mouth reconstruction, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors today. You can call one of our three office locations, or contact us online.

Doctors at Elite Dental Care

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Elite Dental Care

Each doctor at Elite Dental Care is specially trained in: 

  • Oral conscious sedation
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Dental implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry

To experience the outstanding level of care we provide to each and every one of our patients, book a consultation today. We invite you to request an appointment online or call one of our five area offices in Germantown, Jackson, Trenton, Eads, or Dyersburg, TN.

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